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ird baths are an effective method of attracting wild birds to a backyard or garden area. They are simple to install, low maintenance and can be beautiful garden accents while helping to attract songbirds at the same time. They come in many styles and materials from lightweight resins and fiberglass, decorative copper or metal to full water fountain designs. It is easy to find one to blend with any outdoor decorating theme. If you are a bird watcher or gardener trying to create a wildlife habitat and have been considering purchasing a bird bath for a yard, but don't know what the important features would be when selecting one, the process is In fact quite effortless. Below are some tips and advice on what to look for when buying a bird bath. Contrary to feeders, bird baths may attract all species of birds for an up close and personal. view The reason for this is that many birds are not seed eating species so are not attracted to a bird feeder. All birds nevertheless require a safe place to bathe and drink fresh water. This is where a bird bath becomes an important element in any backyard habitat. Providing fresh, clean water for wild birds is the most crucial way to bring songbirds to a garden.

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Shallow Water Basin: Make sure that the water bowl is not too deep in a bird bath. As a matter of fact, a basin should not be any deeper than three inches in the middle, and it should slope down to the center and be shallower at the edges. Similar to people, birds want to ease their way into the water, not dive off the sides Birds are short! They can not go into deeper water, and are cautious while bathing, They would prefer to stand in a shallow puddle and slash water on themselves as opposed to wading in up to their necks. * Moving Water: Backyard birds love water in motion. They are attracted to ripples, splashes and dripping motions on a bird bath surface. To attract several different species of birds, a bird bath ought to include some sort of a drip or ripple to tempt them to remain for a while. Water moment will also be visible to birds flying over head and attract songbirds who otherwise might not have stopped by a garden. Water movement is not required, as it is not a safety concern, however if you are buying a new bird bath, think about a model that comes with something which moves the water about. Another option is to run a hose which trickles into the bird bath or creates a mist effect, or purchase a individual fountain built specifically for bird baths.

* Bumpy Textured Basin Bottoms: If a bird bath has a smooth, slippery surface on the bottom of the bowl, birds are not likely to actually take a bath in it. Songbirds don't care to lose their footing any more than a person would. If a bird bath features a slick smooth bottom, use some nonskid stickers such as would go in a bathtub. These can be stuck to the bottom of a smooth basin to allow for more stability when birds walk on it.

* Location is Crucial: A bird bath should be positioned in an spot of a backyard which is away from shrubs or places cats can hide, but at the same time near enough to some sort of shrub or tree that makes the birds feel secure and gives them a spot to fly and perch and preen after bathing. A shrub that has a trunk or no low branches so a cat can not hide under it is perfect. A place with branches of a tree hanging down close to a bird bath will allow for wild birds a place to fly to. Songbirds will love this, along with branches provide a fast escape route should they need it.

There are many different types of bird baths available these days, so it is easy to find on that matches a garden setting and that birds will use. There really is not a better style of bird bath. so long as it meets the above criteria. Bird baths are a matter of personal taste and needs, they come in decorative copper designs, light weight resins or fiberglass which look like stone, or cast stone concrete, even ceramic. Consider your preferences, a yard, and what looks good to you. A few of the types of bird baths to think about are:

* Pedestal Birdbath. A pedestal style bird bath is a classic the most common type available. They are as well considered a more traditional style of all bird baths. A pedestal bird bath holds the basin raised on top a pedestal, and the designs range from the most simple to a more luxuriant.They are good if you have a lot of cats running around a neighborhood because they keep the bath off the ground and help stop cats from hunting backyard birds.

* Fountain Bird Bath: As remarked before, birds are attracted to the sound and sight of water moving. Fountain bird baths are particularly attractive since they create a relaxing sound in a yard habitat for people as well as birds. Besides, it is so much fun to see birds frolic in falling water. Water fountain bird baths can be powered by electricity solar. A fountain design serves keep the water in constant motion, that allows for still another natural feeling to attract garden birds. The birds will gather about the fountain to drink along with bathe, also as to socialize with other birdsBird Baths of fiber reinforced cast stone concrete. Tall cast stone cement pedestal style bird baths for backyard watchers. Bathing and drinking water attracts songbirds to home habitat. Tall pedestal style cast stone cement style bird baths for backyard watchers and decorative garden accents. Attract songbirds to a home habitat with bathing and drinking water while adding beauty to your backyard decorating scheme. Bird baths made from premium fiber reinforced cast stone concrete for added strength and durability, they are available in a wide variety of colors and patinas, not just the colors in the pictures!