Mesh or wire bird feeders in cling and hopper designs, best for attracting garden songbirds. Backyard bird watchers can feed sunflower, peanuts and seed.

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Mesh bird feeders are great for sunflower seeds or smaller seed blends. When you purchase one of these models, be sure to look at the size of the mesh holes. Please check put our peanut feeder selection if you are specifically interested offering backyard birds peanuts. We see some of these bird feeders recommended for nuts but the mesh spacing seems a bit small to us for this use. A smaller grid is better for seeds such as sunflower or blends, while you will need a larger grid for shelled peanut or nuts. Their size makes them great feeders for a patio, porch or deck and small birds can cling all over the feeder to eat. if you wish to attract larger birds such as grosbeaks or cardinals, select a model that comes with a tray or perches since they can not cling to the mesh like a chickadee or wren. Birds like cardinals prefer trays or spaces where they can feed flat footed. However they will use a perch if this is the only option available to them. Nyjer mesh feeders have a tiny grid and are listed with nyjer thistle bird feeders. Also see: Thistle Nyjer Bird Feeders if you are looking for a mesh feeder for thistle.

Eco Friendly Acorn Mesh Feeder Shield Sunflower Nut Feeder Sunflower Nut Caged Mesh Screen Feeder
Classic Sunflower Feeder Covered Sunflower Hearts Feeder Feather Central Bird Feeder
Giant Combo bird feeder. Double seed bins. Wire allows songbirds to cling on sides, feed easily. Best pick for Oak Leaf Dual Screen Feeder. Decorative style, two seed chambers for favorite wild bird food, mix Red Rock Twin screen bird feeder. Open mesh seed chambers keep food fresh, great drainage from rain
Duplex Screen Feeder Eco Green Steel Mesh Feeder Fly Thru Mesh Wild Bird Feeder
Canoe Mesh Bird Feeder Ladybug Mesh Feeder Mushroom Mesh Feeder
Snowman Feeder (38% OFF) Mrs Snowman Feeder (38% OFF) Solar Snowman Bird Feeder
No/No Solar Lighthouse Feeder Duncraft Eco Strong Mesh Feeder Eco Strong EZ Flow Mesh Hopper
Reflections Wire Mesh Feeder Magnum sunflower seed bird feeder. Solid steel tops, bottom, stainless steel mesh. Chew proof metal No/No 3 Tier Mesh Bird Feeder
No No 5 Tier Basket collapsible mesh sunflower feeder for both clinging and perching songbirds. Cardinals Cardinal No No Feeder No/No Multi Seed Wild Bird Feeder
Deluxe Nugget Bird Feeder. Mesh sides are easy for birds to cling to and dine, Offer wrens, chickadees and favorite Tall Nugget chew proof mesh bird feeder. Provide a hanging feeding station for small clinging outdoor songbirds Mini Wire Nugget mesh seed bird feeder. Great idea for hanging on a patio, balcony, apartment, or small
Safflower Magnet Bird. Made for whole sunflower hearts or safflower seed cardinals love. Favorite Green Seed Ball Set 3. Small screen seed bird feeders great hanging on apartment townhouse balcony. Porch Seed Screen Bird Feeder
Magnet Mesh Feeder Tray seed bird feeder, best backyard bird watchers gift idea. Supply small chickadees, nuthatches Coneflower Bird Feeder Wingfield Sunflower chips seed wild bird
Sunflower Screen Feeder Sunflower Mesh Wild Bird Feeder Three In One Bird Feeder
Duncraft Woodpecker Mesh Feeder Four Sided Woodpecker Feeder Yellow Steel Mesh Feeder